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Captain Parker grew up on the farm and he is proud of it! He spent his early years in the Texas Panhandle and those memories of "drip gas" and white-faced cattle remain strong on his hands and boots. He later moved to Mountain View (7 miles east of Gotebo) in southwestern Oklahoma where he graduated from high school and attended Southwestern Oklahoma State University at Weatherford.
He is still involved in his father's cow/calf operation and insists that anyone with ties to farming and ranching should be proud and ready and willing to show it.CptJack1
In his own unique style, Jack addresses a variety of topics blending humor, history, heritage and pride in just the right proportions. This includes small town etiquette, pool hall protocol, garage sale manners, country road waving and even some simple lessons in "farm talk" translation. A sturn' wheel, balin' waur and a jar of red dirt allow him to articulate and focus the "cultural spectrum" that lies between Boston and Gotebo.
Being born in the Texas Panhandle and raised in Western Oklahoma has put him right in the middle of some of the best farming and ranching country in the world. Jack tastefully and humorously shares his experiences with this land and its people in a way that brings happiness and pride to those who live here, fond memories to those who used to, and fun and understanding to those who never have and probably never will.
Captain Jack is a devoted historian and avid collector of the Old West. His study and pursuit of many lessor-known historic sites on the Southern Plains has resulted in a wealth of significant rumors. He is the owner of the Rainy Mountain Collection, a sizable and respectable assortment of frontier artifacts and relics ranging from western firearms to fossils. He is a member of the Custer Battlefield Associates, has performed at numerous Cowboy poet gatherings, and is a lifetime member of the National Cowboy and Western Heritage Museum in Oklahoma City.